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Female doctor waiting for the emergency entry

Emergency Medical Transport:

   - Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance

   - Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance

   - Critical Care Transport

   - Neonatal and Pediatric Transport


Non-Emergency Medical Transport:

   - Medical Appointments

   - Hospital Discharges

   - Dialysis Appointments


Specialized Medical Transport:

   - Wheelchair Transport

   - Stretcher Transport

   - Bariatric Patient Transport


Event Medical Services:

   - On-site Medical Coverage for Events

   - First Aid Stations

   - Medical Standby for Sports Events


Interfacility Transfers:

   - Hospital-to-Hospital Transfers

   - Nursing Home Transfers


Air Ambulance Services:

   - Domestic and International Air Ambulance

   - Medical Escort Services


Medical Standby and Event Coverage:

   - Medical Standby for Concerts, Festivals, and Gatherings

   - Event Coverage for Corporate Events


Telemedicine Support:

   - Remote Medical Consultations

   - Medical Advice and Triage via Telemedicine


Community Health Initiatives:

   - First Aid and CPR Training

   - Health and Safety Workshops


Medical Equipment Rentals:

    - Rental of Medical Equipment (e.g., Wheelchairs, Stretchers)


Ambulance Subscription Plans:

    - Membership Plans for Priority Ambulance Services

    - Special Rates for Subscribers


Coverage Area:

    - Detailed Coverage Map

    - Response Time Guarantees

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